Who’s Who at Shake Design & Build

News 20 juin 2024


We are so proud of our fantastic Shake team. Each individual has the ability to invent and develop original ideas.

Please meet some of our passionate professionals who turn vision into reality 

Andrea Serrano (Architect)
Andrea brings a fresh and energetic vibe to our team, coupled with a notable national and international experience. Her diverse background in architecture makes her a remarkably versatile creative.

Josephine Delvaux (Interior Architect)
Joséphine’s passion for adventure and design led to her travelling for two years, living out of a backpack and taking in a lot of impressions. Her portfolio includes notable projects with Spine, like the renovation of Stephanie Square and the Zenith building.

Lara Wuillot (Architect)
Lara's outlook on life and approach to design have been profoundly shaped by her Erasmus adventure. She has explored the world extensively and gained substantial experience working for shake.

Séverine Vandaele (Interior Architect)
Séverine's creative journey is marked by a variety of projects, from palaces to private residences. She successfully transitioned to office design and can draw on significant experience, including projects for Proximus and Degroof Petercam.

Besides their skillset, they all bring their own energy and authenticity to the Shake office, which makes it an incredibly inspiring place to work. 

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